What we do

Serving meals with the right nutritional balance boosts children’s development, behaviour and ability to learn. Our eats development chef creates two exciting menus per academic term, taking into account freshness, seasonality of ingredients, tastes, and trends. Reducing sugar and fat is a priority, as is ensuring ingredients are ethically sourced from local suppliers with the highest standards. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake is another commitment, and we often use natural sweetness (eg from parsnips and beetroots) in our delicious desserts. We have been nationally recognised at the Cost Sector Catering Awards with short listings in the Innovation and Education categories for our ‘Pick & Mix’ offer, allowing children to create a bag or box suiting their individual tastes.

How we do it

Why choose Eats?

  • Sustainable

    Through reduced packaging, spot-on portion sizes, local procurement, and initiatives such as converting used cooking oil into biodiesel, we reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

  • Consistent

    We have an award-winning team of brand champions who work hard to ensure our unashamedly high standards are met every day, throughout all our schools.

  • Integrity

    We deliver on our promises. We will work with you to build your bespoke catering package for your school and if we say we can do it, we will get it done.

  • Partnership

    Our curriculum-enriched theme days and events tie in with your school’s calendar. We become part of your learning environment, supporting with parents evenings, sports days and hosting school barbecues.

  • Agility

    Our success is built upon offering the flexibility to make changes within our kitchens as and when you need it, quickly with the minimum of fuss.

Our food

Our award-winning development chef works to the School Food Standards and Food for Life guidelines to hand-craft menus that are nutritious and tasty. Our experienced, dedicated catering teams then prepare and cook these meals knowing that your children will love them.

Here at eats, we are proud to have pledged our commitment to the Peas Please initiative. We have pledged to develop our menus to ensure that a minimum of six varieties of vegetables and salads are available each week in children’s meal experiences.

Peas Please



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