Love Eats

We're often asked "How do you do it?" True, it's not easy providing such competitively priced, great tasting healthy food!

We achieve it by;

  • Hand preparing the dishes on our menus; our kitchen staff have the skills to traditionally hand-prepare fresh meals, on site each day. They're a canny lot and run their kitchens efficiently and (like all good cooks) avoid creating any waste.
  • Avoiding convenience items such as packet mixes & sauces. Instead we prepare the majority of items from scratch, such as home-baked bread and pizza bases using flour from a family-owned regional producer.
  • Ensuring that all our recipes and menus are as healthy as possible, without compromising their taste & enjoyment. As such we avoid using nasty additives and control the levels of salt, sugar & fat which can often be unacceptably high in pre-prepared and convenience foods.

We encourage all our staff to develop their skills through our wide range of staff training schemes that, in turn, ensure that our kitchens produce the best food and service possible for our customers.




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